Furnished or Unfurnished

As many renters hit the pavement in search of new apartments, many will find themselves asking one particular question when it comes to furnished apartments
vs. unfurnished. Which is better?

This is a decision that is best left to each individual after an in-depth look at their budget, ideal lease terms and additional available funds; however, here are a few
pros and cons to consider while weighing the two sides.


A furnished apartment means that all necessary furnishings and appliances are already supplied in the apartment and the cost of use is already covered in the rent.

Furnished Apartment


  • A furnished apartment serves as a great option for those looking for short-term leases or temporary business relocation.
  • Since the tenant will only be moving clothes and smaller items, the moving process is simplified immensely.
  • The apartment is already assembled, so the tenant will spend minimal time and money settling in.


  • The tenant will often pay a higher rent average per month as they are also paying to rent the furniture and appliances, too.
  • In furnished apartments, there is much more that could potentially be damaged, which could increase costly replacement expenses at the end of the lease.
  • Furnished apartments are already decorated, which takes away the tenants' chance to tailor the space to their personal tastes.


An unfurnished apartment means that the apartment is empty and the rent covers only the space and maybe a few utilities.


  • Unfurnished is great for the budget-conscious renter as the agreed upon rent is often cheaper.
  • These apartments also serve as great options for those looking to stay long term or for those who already have all the necessary furniture for apartment life.
  • An unfurnished space provides the tenant with freedom to manage and decorate the space the way they want.


  • With more items to move, the process can become very tedious, long and expensive.
  • If the tenant has not already done so, they will have to purchase furniture and other necessary items to fill and decorate the apartment.
  • Renters could get stuck supplying their own appliances as well, such as a refrigerator or microwave.

Have you ever had to choose between a furnished and an unfurnished apartment? If so, which did you choose and what was your deciding factor?

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