Questions to Ask When Viewing an Apartment

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Almost all of us, at one point or another, have found ourselves signing a lease to what we thought was the perfect apartment only to move in and realize that this dream come true was looking more and more like a nightmare. Here are ten questions to ask when looking for an apartment. During a walk through ask these questions and then verify with the current tenants or through your own investigation.

  • How many square feet is the space?
  • Is there anything included in the rent and, if so, what is included?
  • How much are the average unit's utility bills, such as electric, gas, etc.?
  • How is the noise level? (You could also try to schedule a viewing at a time when the neighbors will be home, so you can measure just how "soundproof" the walls are.)
  • How far of a walk is it to the nearest public transportation?
  • What amenities are available in the building? (Does the building provide on-site laundry? A pool? A fitness center?)
  • How safe is the corresponding neighborhood, and what services are nearby?
  • Have there been any complaints in the past regarding noise or rodents?
  • When was the last time the building was inspected by code enforcement, and did the building pass inspection?
  • What repairs and upkeep will you be responsible for, and what will your landlord handle? (You may also want to ask if there is an on-site maintenance person, and if there is emergency maintenance available 24/7.)

These questions to ask when looking at apartments can get you on your way to smarter leasing and a much better apartment. (You may want to speak with a few of your potential neighbors as well for the dirt the landlord isn't willing to spill, such as how quickly does the landlord respond to maintenance requests, and have they had any trouble with noise or infestations of any kind.)

What other questions would you like to ask when looking at a new potential home?

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