How to Build Credit History
with Rent

How Building Credit History with Rent Works Experian RentBureau

It's really that simple! Pay your rent online and
opt-in to report your rent payments.

Why should I bother building my credit history?

Your credit score impacts your life. If you've ever rented an apartment, bought a car or applied for a credit card, then you've had your credit history reviewed. Poor credit can prevent you from getting a lot of those things or make them significantly more expensive. Even if you never plan to borrow anything, judgments about your credit are still being made that will affect your lifestyle.

How does WilliamPaid help me build my credit history?*

When you pay rent online with WilliamPaid, you get a lot of different options. One of them is to opt-in to build credit history with rent. Experian currently includes rental payments on its credit reports which helps many responsible renters build credit history.

WilliamPaid also includes an AutoPay option. It's an easy way to ensure you pay rent build credit each month.


*See our Terms of Use for eligibility requirements.

Your credit is
checked when you:

  • Apply for a job
  • Purchase or lease a car
  • Set up a utility
  • Apply for a credit card
  • Purchase a cell phone
  • Apply for an apartment lease
  • Open a bank account

What makes up
your credit score?

FICO score breakdown

Sign Up.

No need to get approval before you sign up—WilliamPaid works with ANY landlord! And if you split the rent, your roommates can sign up and pay rent online too—anyway they choose! Plus, we'll keep track and show you who’s paid and who hasn't yet!


Enroll in
Credit Reporting.

Schedule a rent payment and opt-in to have your rent payments reported to Experian RentBureau. Provide us with a copy of your lease, some additional information and we'll confirm with your landlord. It's easy!


Smile. You're
building credit history.

After you opt-in, we'll report your rent payment to Experian RentBureau. Experian currently includes rental payments on its credit reports. Set up your rent payment to recur each month with AutoPay and forget about paying rent—we never will.


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