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Six Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

William Paid October 17, 2013 Renter Resources No Comments
Six Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

With Halloween only two weeks away, it’s time to start getting your apartment in the spooky spirit. These DIY projects are easy and will help you to save money without missing out on the fun. They can be made with stuff that you find around the house or from cheap products. No matter if you are throwing a Halloween party, giving out candy to local kids or just staying home and watching scary movies, these decorations will be perfect for your place and your wallet.

Wall Monster
This project is great if you are fortunate enough to have colorful walls in your apartment, but if not, you can use contrasting paper. If you want to be extra thrifty, cut up some old boxes (i.e. pizza, cereal, shoeboxes). All you need to do is cut out the eyes and teeth, and stick them to the wall. You could even make your wall look like a massive jack-o-lantern!









Floating Cheesecloth Ghost
This is one of my favorite Halloween crafts that I have yet to try myself. It is also the most time-consuming and requires the most materials, but I think that it looks too cool to not do. Click the link for detailed step-by-step instructions.







Vampire Fang Straws
If you are throwing a party or just binge watching True Blood, you are going to need drinks. Why not dress up your straws (and mouths) with some construction paper vampire fangs?









Mummify Your Door
Along the same lines as the Wall Monster, this project only requires toilet paper and poster board. I know toilet paper can be a commodity among roommates, but the result is worth it. Wrap your front door to welcome visitors or, if you’re a toilet paper magnate, wrap all the doors in your apartment and give them different expressions.










Spider Hatchlings
This is creepy, weird and terrifying, so obviously it’s perfect for Halloween. Plus it’s super easy to make. All you need is a balloon, string, glue/tape, plastic spiders and more toilet paper. It’s guaranteed to make everyone feel like they’re covered in baby spiders all night (you’re welcome).









Spirit Jugs
Why recycle when you can upcycle? Save your empty plastic milk and juice jugs, and turn them into ghoulish lights. Just grab a permanent marker and some low-wattage string lights (white for ghosts, orange for jack-o-lanterns). Use these outside to light up your apartment’s entrance or inside for spooky mood lighting.









Cait Kilpatrick is a native New Yorker and college graduate who has lived in rented apartments throughout her entire life. She dabbles in interior design and excels at juggling multiple shows on Netflix and organizing DVRs. She was a collegiate soccer player and is an unapologetic Anglophile.

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