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Why Embracing a Minimalistic Lifestyle Will Make You Happier (And Your Next Relocation 10 Times Easier)

William Paid July 16, 2013 Renter Resources No Comments
Why Embracing a Minimalistic Lifestyle Will Make You Happier (And Your Next Relocation 10 Times Easier)

Technology has taken over most of our lives.

There is a gadget for just about every part of life—the portable guitar strings that allow you to practice playing music while on the go, the transparent television that looks like a pane of glass when it’s off and the cell phone that allows you to control your smart home.

All of these things may be important in your life, but why go overboard? You can deal with the few, important treasures, but the rest should be considered clutter. Sure, your personal belongings will cost you money to monitor and upkeep, but folks who embrace the minimalist lifestyle don’t rely on material items for their happiness.

So, it’s a bit obvious, but the fewer items you have, the less space you will need.

Reducing your number of belongings allows you to live in a smaller space. Choosing to live in a smaller space offers several benefits that will increase your happiness. It has been found that clutter is very distracting for people and can bring on bouts of depression.

Clutter also contributes to time theft when you have to clean up all of those items (“Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”).

Here are some other basic—albeit important—benefits to the minimalist lifestyle:

• The first benefit of living in a smaller place is that your rent should be less than what you are used to paying. This allows you to put more money away for the future.

• The second benefit of living in a smaller place is that there is less room to put items. If you don’t have room in your dwelling for a ton of unnecessary possessions, you don’t have the opportunity to create clutter. Also, by not allowing yourself a place to put items, you are saving money by not purchasing the things you don’t need.

• The third benefit to becoming a minimalist is reducing your carbon footprint. Again, this is another reason to choose a smaller home. A smaller living environment will cost you less money to heat and cool. Additionally, you will not use as much electricity in a smaller environment and save even more money as a result.

Having fewer possessions will definitely make your next move easier and more cost-efficient. Think of the money, time and energy that you will save by not having to pack up a 10,000-square-foot house that’s full of belongings.

Choosing to reduce the number of belongings you have will bring to your life an abundance of money that you can choose to put into savings for a nest egg when you really need it. It will also allow you more free time to spend with family and friends, instead of cleaning all of your objects. Consider taking the minimalist path today.

Jeremy is a marketer at TechMediaNetwork. He runs Empower Network and lives outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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