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Student or Family: Universal Tips for Moving

Guest June 12, 2013 Renter Resources No Comments
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Let’s face it. Moving almost always takes longer than you originally thought it would. This ‘underestimation’ of the time and effort required can make that move you were so excited about more unpleasant than it already is. Thankfully, no matter how many possessions or people are involved with your move, there are battle-tested and proven ways to make the process smoother for you.

Start Early With Seldom-Used Items

The absolute best way to have a smooth and successful moving experience is to start early. Depending on the amount of possessions you have, you may need to start as early as two months ahead. If you start to box up things you won’t use on a daily or weekly basis, you can get a jump on your move without putting a cramp in your lifestyle. Pro tip: Decorations and old books are a great place to start!

Decide If You Really Want To Take Everything With You

This line of thinking is true for a family as well as a college student with very few possessions. As you take an inventory of all of your things, start to categorize them. You may want to adhere to the ‘keep’, ‘sell’, ‘donate’ and ‘trash’ method. Pro tip: Be sure everyone involved agrees what item gets categorized into what pile to avoid issues later.

Shop Multiple Moving Companies

Not all movers will need to use a moving company, but if you choose to hire professionals, there are some things to keep in mind. First, make sure you do some informal research. Ask friends for recommendations or warnings about different vendors. Second, take advantage of the internet for reviews from the public.

Once you have narrowed it down to a few choices, get multiple estimates from your chosen vendors. Make sure that the mover is aware of everything that must be moved, and make sure there are no hidden charges before you sign the contract. Pro tips: Try to move between October and April for better pricing, be diligent about looking over the contract before you sign, and make sure you get insurance!

Score Free Boxes

There’s really no reason you should have to buy boxes. Has anyone you know moved recently? Also, plenty businesses around town have boxes that they are willing to give away. Some college campuses may have a recycled box network that you can take advantage of. Also, many moving companies will include moving boxes with their quote. Hit a couple different places and your box inventory will add up fast.

Update Your Address With The Post Office

This is one of those really simple steps that many tend to forget. You can request an address update form online or go to a USPS location near you. On the form, you can select when and where to update your address so that the transition is seamless for you. Pro tip: In the first few weeks following your move and address change, make sure that you aren’t missing any regular mail that you normally get. If something is missing, you can always to the company website or call and update your address accordingly.

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