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Forget Craigslist: Use These Apps to Find Your Next Roommate

William Paid April 1, 2013 Renter Resources, Roommate Relationships 1 Comment

You’ve found the perfect apartment. You could manage the rent and utilities on your own, but sharing expenses would be the ideal situation. Having a roommate can make apartment living so much more fun—especially if the roommate shares the interests and passions that you do.

But where do you start? And who has time or patience to deal with a Craigslist roommate fail situation? You could go the creative route and post a song as an enticing ad on YouTube like Jonathan Mann, an artist from Brooklyn, did.

Or you can find your next roommate through a crowd-sourced online application and get the roommate of your dreams. There are many free programs available online that can help you to cut through the interviewing process and find that one sparkling diamond in the rommate rough. Iaam.com, an online resource for and by young professionals and college students, suggests three great free services that you can use from anywhere.


Whether you’re looking for a room or an exceptional person to share an apartment space, EasyRoommate is a snap to work with. Create a profile, search from thousands of ads, and make contact with your new friend! EasyRoommate also has a helpful customer support team that is there to assist you with any questions that aren’t clarified through the site’s FAQ.


If you’re always on the go, RoomSync is the ideal place to look for the perfect roommate. Free and easy to use, this Facebook app works on your computer or can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android. Residents can search for matches through 60 colleges, universities and student-focused communities. They can peruse the  interests on a candidate’s Facebook profile or even request a specific roommate.


RoomSurf primarily targets students. The Facebook app connects college and high school students who share interests and majors. The app was co-founded by two business management and marketing majors, Justin Gaither and Dan Thibodeau, who met at University of Miami. Gaither and Thibodeau are also the creators of TextSurf, an app that helps students to get the best prices for textbooks.

Using these fun and easy apps will make looking for your next roommate easier. As for Craigslist, you can still go there to get some comfortable couches and chairs that you and your new roommate can lounge on while enjoying some quality time together. If you still have trouble finding the right roommate, get a camera and a YouTube account. You might not score big with roommate prospects, but it’s likely you’ll get lots of views and a lot of fans.

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