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Dividing Rent Between Roommates


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Rent is by far the biggest expense that roommates share on a regular basis. It is also the most important. If one of you is late on or doesn’t pay your share of the rent in full, both of you will face the consequences. Simply put, the full amount of monthly rent is the responsibility of all the tenants on the lease.

Things can get even trickier if you have someone living in your apartment and sharing the rent that isn’t on the lease. Maybe you have a spare room and a friend filled it to ease the burden. Though it might seem like they should be required to pitch in for rent, legally they don’t have to as they don’t appear on your lease. Obviously, a great first step in ensuring that every roommate pays their fair share of rent each month is by never allowing anyone to live in your unit that isn’t accepted by the landlord and part of the lease agreement.

Another part of paying rent with roommates is deciding how much each roommate will pay. If you live in a two bedroom apartment with one roommate and both rooms are the same size, then things are pretty easy. You can just split your rent in half. If you live in a larger house with more roommates or the bedrooms are all differently sized, then things are a little trickier. It is up to you guys to figure out how much each person should owe each month.

Once you have figured out how to divide the rent up, it is in your best interest to put together some sort of roommate agreement. A roommate agreement will give you a little extra security and help ensure that your roommates will pay their share of rent each month. It is important to keep in mind that an agreement of this type won’t hold up to a landlord’s legal scrutiny. The point of one is to set written expectations for everyone in the household.

Finally, paying your monthly rent online is one of the best ways to divide rent between roommates. When you use an online rental payment service like WilliamPaid, you only have to worry about your share of rent. Your rent will be automatically taken out of your account and the same is done with your roommate’s share. This makes it so you don’t have to go around collecting the entire amount of rent yourself and it takes a bit of the heat off of you if a roommate is slow at paying their portion.

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