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5 Ways to “Go Green” in Your Apartment

William Paid April 22, 2013 Renter Resources No Comments

Today is Earth Day! Learn how you can “go green,” save energy and even cut costs in your apartment!

Go Green


Does your apartment building offer recycling services? If not, ask your landlord if there is a way to get a recycling bin and pickup service for you apartment. Recycling is one of the easiest ways to “go green.”

Use Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

Changing your light bulbs takes little to no effort and is a great way to save energy in your apartment! The benefits of eco-friendly light bulbs include energy reduction of approximately 75-80% and a longer bulb life. Although initially they cost more than the average light bulb, the energy savings will more than make up for the initial investment. You’re not only saving the environment, but you’re also saving money on your utilities.

Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products

Have you ever stopped to read the warnings on the back of your conventional cleaning products? Standard cleaning products and detergents do not break down and ultimately end up polluting our water and our air. More importantly, they are harmful for our respiratory systems and our pet’s respiratory systems. Eco-friendly cleaning products get the job done just as well and are better for the environment.

Shut off lights/appliances when you aren’t using them

Common sense tells us to shut things off when they are not being used but lets be honest, it’s easy to forget to turn off a light or an appliance when you’re rushing out of the house. Although a lamp may be turned off, if it is plugged in, it is still emitting unused energy. If you have certain items in your house that you don’t use on a daily basis or you’re going on vacation, unplug them. Make a conscious effort to turn off all the lights when you leave and if you have roommates, tell them to do the same. It’s an easy way to “go green” and it saves money on your electric bill!

Pay Rent Online

Paper accounts for more than one third of all recyclables collected in the US by weight and the amount of paper recovered for recycling averages 334 pounds for each person living in the U.S., according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Why waste envelopes, paper, and stamps to mail your rent to your landlord when you can pay your rent online? Going paperless by paying your bills online is a great eco-friendly transition to make. By paying your rent online through WilliamPaid, you save paper and your rent will never be late, because it’s automatically taken out of your account at the beginning of the month. It’s win-win for you and the environment!




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