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Easy Solutions to Paying Rent On Time and the Benefits


We all dread when the beginning of the month rolls around because what does that mean? Rent is due. To avoid those pesky late fees (and awkward encounters with your landlord) here are some easy ways to ensure your rent is paid on time every month.

Pay Your Rent Online

Everything is online these days. From accessing your bank accounts to watching movies, there’s not much you can’t do online. So why not pay your rent online.? Paying online is more convenient and saves you the trip of having to write a check and walk to the mailbox. At WilliamPaid, your rent will be automatically taken out of your bank account for you each month.  It’s one less bill you will have to worry about keeping track of at the end of the month.  No more coordinating rent checks with your roommates or forgetting your rent check on your way out of the door in the morning, just a quick and easy online solution.

Pay Your Rent with Cash

I’ve had months where it’s a struggle to come up with rent on time or where I was forgetful and did not send it on time. I used to have to pay over $100 in late fees! Now I use WilliamPaid’s service to pay my rent with cash to ensure that each month my rent is paid on time. I just conveniently deposit my rent in cash at one of the various kiosks at CVS, 7-11, or other convenient locations in my neighborhood while running errands.

Pay with Multiple Cards

Do you ever wish you could pay rent with multiple accounts? When you pay your rent online, you can split the balance between two accounts. WilliamPaid’s services allow you to split rent between a debit and a credit card to ensure your rent is covered!

Earn Reward Points

If you pay rent with your credit card, you’re eligible to earn thousands of reward points from your bank. Does using your credit card earn you frequent flyer miles? You can pay your rent with your credit card and rack up those miles. I bet you never thought paying your rent could earn you an airline ticket!

Build Credit

When you pay rent each month where does it go? I usually just think about how it goes straight into my landlord’s pockets. I would get frustrated at the beginning of the month when I had to write my rent check. Then I started paying my rent online and I can see how paying my rent benefits not only my landlord but also my credit score. WilliamPaid reports your rent payment to a credit bureau every month to help you build your credit score. Now I can feel good about paying my rent each month because I know it’s ultimately benefiting me in the future.


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My name is William Paid, Esquire and I’m a serial personal butler with 40 years distinguished service, orchestrating exceptional living experiences for exiled kings, rockstars, supermodels, and even a few “young gun” Internet executives who are now woefully overleveraged and unable to employ my services. My role is to ensure everything runs smoothly for renters and roommates. I’m at YOUR service.