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Tips for Moving Out of Your Rental Space

William Paid October 19, 2012 Renter Resources No Comments

Moving out of an apartment can be a real pain.

You’ve got boxes upon boxes to deal with. You’ve got to track down that one “Friend With A Truck” who hopefully is willing to take your food bribe and help out with the grunt work, and you’re trying your hardest not to break any of your awesome stuff. Ugh. And on top of that, you’ve got to make sure the apartment you’ve been living in for quite some time has been scrubbed, swept and cleaned until it’s in immaculate condition for the next renter! It sure would be nice to get back that security deposit as well.

So yeah, moving isn’t exactly a recreational activity.

To help ease your stress and pain, we’ve put together some tips to use when you’re moving out of a rental space:

Put Together A Checklist. This will help you stay organized throughout the moving process, and it can help keep you from overlooking important steps in your move.

Make Your Address Change Official. Change your address with the United States Postal Service, with your bank and with any of your lenders. Notify the utility companies of your move and transfer your services to your new address. Provide your new address to any publications you subscribe to, and, of course, be sure to get your new contact info to friends and family.

Get Your Supplies. To save yourself time and effort, make sure you get enough packing supplies — boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. — during your first trip to the store so you’re not running back to it again and again to pick up more supplies.

Pack Up. Carefully label or color coordinate your moving boxes by room in order to keep things as organized as possible. You’ll appreciate this when you get to your new place and can quickly locate the particular box with the specific thing you’re looking for.

In addition, be sure to note which boxes contain fragile items. You want your stuff to stay safe during the move!

Rent A Truck. If your “Friend With A Truck” doesn’t come through, this is a must.

Clean Up. Get your apartment in the best condition possible before you leave. Getting back that security deposit really comes in handy to spruce up the your new place.

Document Your Space. Take photos of your rental so you have a record of its condition at the time of the move. It’s up to you to prove that the condition of the rental you are leaving is the same as when you moved in.

Move Along. Now you’re on your way! March all your belongings out and move them to your new place. In the process, be sure to keep valuables and official documents — passports, birth certificates, etc. — close to you at all times.

Good luck with the move!

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