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How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Guest October 22, 2012 Renter Resources No Comments


Guest post by our Student Ambassador at Syracuse University, Abbey Harrington

Fall is here, and winter is approaching and that means only one thing… brace yourself for the cold!  I am reporting from Syracuse, New York- which by default makes my friends and I experts on beating the cold. The main issue for myself and others in cold climates are high utility costs. Here are some great tips that my friends and I suggest you try this winter to save money on your heating bill:


Make sure that all of your floors in your apartment have fluffy, thick rugs.   Rugs act as an insulator and can keep heat in your apartment which keeps your room warmer.  Rugs can be expensive; to save money I went to a local carpet store and asked to look at the scraps available.  Even though these scrap rugs were unfinished and had to be cut by yours truly, it was $30 for a rug that would have been $90 somewhere else.


At first, I thought the job of properly sealing the windows was a landlord’s job.  As the temperatures continue to drop, I quickly learned that the meaning of sealing to one person is NOT the same meaning to another.  A way to fix a drafty window or unused door on a budget is to simply tape it!  I duct taped drafty windows and basement doors and that made a huge difference.


There are cold blooded and warm blooded, meaning different people tolerate cold differently.  Sometimes I would find the thermostat set at 70 because my roommates were freezing and I would have my window open because I was hot.  These inconsistent preferences can have pricey consequences.  If your roommates have the same issue it would probably be a good idea to keep the thermostat at a low temperature, then have space heaters that are in each room to turn on manually when you are cold.  There are many safe and cheap space heater options that even have timers that will shut off by themselves.


I found that cooking anything with the oven would not only heat up the kitchen, but the whole apartment.  My roommates would try to cook and eat in on cold days to kill two birds with one stone.  My favorite oven treat is the classic chocolate chip cookie.


Although the “snuggie” is groundbreaking, my favorite way to stay warm is to wear extra large sweaters and socks.  A way to do this on a budget is go to your local consignment store/ Salvation Army and buy large, knit sweaters.  This is something that becomes a fun task with the roommates- finding grandpa sweaters or Christmas classics is an entertainment to all.  My go-to items are the over sized, over fluffed turtle necks.  A scarf and sweater in one: who could go wrong?

I hope some of these tips help you stay warm and save money!

GET CRAZY: brainstorm and think of other ways to stick it to the snow…

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