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Renters: How to Host A Party in a Small Apartment

William Paid January 5, 2011 Renter Resources 6 Comments

Guest Bed on Futon

With the New Year’s celebrations in full swing this past weekend, my apartment played host to a few close friends looking to ring in the New Year in Chicago. Unfortunately for them, my currently cramped living quarters made their stay a little less comfortable than it would have been had they stayed in a glamorous Chicago hotel. I guess, it’s a good thing I have great friends that can turn any less-than-stellar situation into one for the books.

However, not every guest may be as understanding as my friends were, so here are a few tips for renters hosting guests in tiny apartments.

  • Plan Ahead: Make sure you know how many guests are coming and where they are all going to sleep. (Note: Futons and foldouts make great extra sleeping places in small spaces.) If necessary, you may also need to ask your guests to bring their own sleeping arrangements, such as an air mattress or sleeping bags – or you can borrow these items from friends or neighbors.
  • Be Prepared to Say No: Only you know how many people your apartment can hold, and you may be getting more requests than you can comfortably fit, especially for occasions like New Year’s. Also, keep in mind that your guests will not only be sleeping in your apartment, but also eating, lounging and showering as well. Therefore, if you have a large group that wants to stay, you may have to turn down a few and send them to a hotel for the benefit of everyone – unless your guests are okay with using the bathtub for a bed.
  • Check Your Budget: As I stated above, your guests will be doing more than just sleeping in your apartment. Therefore, you will probably have to stock your cupboards and make additional room in your budget for higher utilities at the end of the month. Be sure to do some necessary budget shuffling before their visit, so you’re not strapped for cash later on.
  • Prepare Your Guests: As a courtesy to your guests, be sure that they know what to expect by informing them ahead of time of sleeping arrangements and of number of guests you will be hosting during their stay. This information may influence their decision as to whether they would like to squeeze into your apartment or find a hotel nearby.

Keep in mind that these tips work best for close friends and family looking to visit for a weekend and not for more formal hosting. After all, camping out on the living room floor for a few days is an event only true friends can appreciate. What other tips would you have for renters looking to open their tiny apartments for overnight stays?

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