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Top 10 Reasons a Renter Should FInd a New Apartment

William Paid January 13, 2011 Renter Resources No Comments

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In honor of Lindsey’s current dilemma, we’ve decided to compile a list of situations when it may be time to find a new apartment – and fast.

    It’s time to find a new apartment when…

  • Everything that can break has and your landlord has yet to fix anything.
  • Turning around and standing up in your apartment is difficult.
  • Your new “roommate” has a tendency to scurry across the floor and chew holes in your cereal boxes.
  • Your landlord does anything to qualify him for our “You Know You Have a Bad Landlord When…” list.
  • You wake up to find your actual roommate watching you.
  • That mysterious stain under the sink starts to grow…
  • Your daily soundtrack consists of gunshots and sirens.
  • Your neighbors think the best time for band practice is at 3 in the morning.
  • Your apartment is better at keeping the cold in than the heat.
  • The approaching rent due date keeps you from sleeping.

Deciding to keep an apartment can be a big decision, but in these situations, it’s an open and shut case. What situations would you add to the list?

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