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Top 10 Gifts for Renters in 2010

William Paid December 16, 2010 Renter Resources No Comments


We at WilliamPaid had so much fun doling out gift advice for renters last year that we decided to do it again. So, without further delay, here are ten items that should be one every renter’s gift list this holiday season.

  • WilliamPaid Subscription: Online rent payments, flexible payment methods and credit reporting – need we say more? Put the power over rent payments back into your renter’s hands.
  • Rent: Who doesn’t love reduced expenses? Why not take a chunk out of the biggest bill renters face each month? That gift will mean much more than those socks you’re wrapping.
  • Grocery Gift Card: Renters gotta eat, too. Help them stock their cupboards with more than just Ramen. Give a gift card to their local grocery store.
  • Online Movie Service Subscription: A night spent on the couch watching blockbusters with popcorn and friends is a budget entertainment staple for many renters, especially during the winter. Why not provide them unlimited access to their favorite titles?
  • Transportation Pass: Transportation is expensive. Take some of the stress out of their commute with an unlimited pass or two.
  • Discounted Coupons: Day spas, expensive restaurants, popular tours – all things tight-budgeted renters wish they could enjoy. Now, with the many online discount sites, you can give them the gift to explore their city without blowing their budget.
  • Free Mover Coupon: Save your renter a couple hundred dollars on their next move and give them a coupon to a free moving company – you. Hey, if they’re good tippers, you may even get a pizza out of the deal.

If you like to give gifts of more substance, try a few of these ideas every renter would love.

  • Versatile Furniture Essentials: Clutter is the enemy of every small apartment. Find a few space savers such as an ottoman that serves as a side table or a couch that converts into a bed, and give your renter room to move in that closet of theirs.
  • Snuggie or Throws: Paying their own utilities often means chilly apartments and shivering renters. Provide them with cheap ways to keep warm and save money.
  • Toolbox: Things break. That’s a part of life and unfortunately, so is the fact that no one will be there to fix them at three in the morning. Help your renter make the quick fixes needed to keep their apartments running.

What gifts would you add to this list when shopping for holiday gifts for renters?

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