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Apartment Envy

William Paid March 25, 2010 Renter Resources 2 Comments

Do you have one friend that always has the coolest apartment? Or, maybe it’s a roommate that consistently does that ‘something special’ to her room that makes it so much cooler than yours? It often has nothing to do with how much the rent is (though that can be a factor when playing the ‘coolest apartment’ game). What is it with these people?!

How is it that some people just have a knack for finding the exact right place? You know – the one with the fireplace and the exposed brick. Or the uber-slick contemporary pad that they got a steal on. Every time you go over to their place, you seethe inside because their place is so much cooler than yours.

You love your place until you go to your friend’s house-warming party. Then, heading home that night, you are filled with dread as you head back to your bread-box of an apartment with its stark-white rental walls and grandma’s couch. You lie awake in bed thinking of all the things you hate about your apartment. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

While we can’t make your apartment instantly cool, here are a couple things to think about when apartment envy sets in.

  • It’s temporary. That’s why you rent. Chin up – you can move whenever your lease is up. It’s not forever.
  • Plan ahead. Typically, people end up in places that they don’t love when they don’t give themselves enough time to find a new apartment. You know when your lease is up. Start planning at least 90 days out. Make a list of what you want and what neighborhoods you’ll consider. If cool is a factor for you, don’t settle because you didn’t give yourself enough time. Check out cool sites like nakedapartments.com and rentlizard.com – they’ll help you survey the options.
  • Be realistic. Let’s face it – some people just have ‘it.’ Sorry – but you might not be one of those people. So, even if you get a cool place, it might not be that cool with your stuff in it. Or, you might not be willing to do what it takes to make the place cool. Be realistic – and get over it.
  • Be honest. This is different than being realistic. Are you just one of those people who is always envious of people – even your friends? We can’t help you here, other than to suggest that you get over it.
  • Be happy. Instead of envy, try being happy for your friend. Easier said than done. Maybe you can think of how her cool place can actually help you – parties and hanging out at her place? Coolness by osmosis?
  • Spend some coin. When all else fails and your cool factor is important to you, open up your wallet and hire a decorator. He or she can probably make anything look cool – if you spend enough money.

Lastly, if you really want that fireplace but your apartment doesn’t have one, consider the Living Fireplace DVD. Maybe you’ll feel better.

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