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Couch or Futon? A Classic Apartment Dilemma

William Paid January 20, 2010 Uncategorized No Comments

Couch or futon. Futon or couch. It may not rise to the same level as safety or space, but this was the epic dilemma I struggled with over the past week.

Turning my apartment into a home will be complete with the perfect couch (or futon). Why am I having such a difficult time choosing? To me, a futon is college furniture. I’m no longer in college so that means I’m all grown up – I think. And, since grown-ups have couches, that’s what I should have. Right?

A couch is definitely more sophisticated and would make my move feel more official. A futon, on the other hand, could make my move feel like a jump to just another college apartment. Couch, one. Futon, zero.

That said, a couch is a big investment for someone who could be moving around often over the next few years. Couches are more expensive and much more difficult to move. Lastly, unless I’m willing to up the ante even more, I cannot get one that provides the same versatility as a futon. Score one for the futon.

I’m told that apartment living is all about versatility, so maybe a futon is still my best option. It provides a spare bed and comfortable seating all in one. (Another one for Camp Futon.) The problem is that a comfortable and quality futon is nearly as expensive as a couch, so maybe I should just go with the couch. And, we’re back to a tie game.

Then comes the next issue (or maybe it is the first issue): Can I even afford either? Living in the city costs nearly double what it does to live in a small town. Money is already tight, and adding a furniture payment on top of rent, electric and other bills could very possibly over-extend my budget. The last thing I need to do is get myself into credit trouble right out of the gate.

As you can see, I’m in quite the pickle (nice country term for all you city folk). Indecision has become commonplace as I balance my wants as a newly independent “grown-up” with my tight budget.

Hopefully by next week, I will have made my decision. Vote for one by emailing me at william@williampaid.com. I’ll let you know what you all say.

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