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WilliamPaid’s Top Ten Gifts for Renters and Roommates

William Paid December 10, 2009 Roommate Relationships No Comments

Renters and roommates often have different needs and wants than non-renters. So, this year, as an extraordinary public service to the renters of the world, we offer WilliamPaid’s Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Renters.

Here we go:

10. A robe for the guy who lives in the apartment building across the way.

9. Weather-stripping. Brrr.

8. Someone (else) to clean out the refrigerator. (No, that isn’t still good.)

7. A weekend without your roommate (or at least your roommate’s boyfriend). Ahhh….

6. “Free” cable – with premium channels.

5. A trip to ‘The Biggest Loser’ for the guy who lives upstairs.

4. A Snuggie (it gets cold, okay?).

3. A professional organizer for a day. (Small space living can be challenging.)

2. A couch without food crumbs (nuggets) and eau de beer.

1. A landlord that takes unused gift cards.

Be good to the renter in your life – and they won’t need to move in with you.

Happy Holidays from WilliamPaid.

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